Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lunch Made Easy: By Keitha's Chaos

My vacation series was setup to highlight some of my favorite bento bloggers, specifically on love/heart/Valentine's lunches to give everybody some added inspiration.

...BUT I just HAD to do a spot on Keitha - I adore her Storybook Themed Lunches she makes for her son, Boogs. His lunches are inspired by the books they read before bed the evening before. Each night, she reads two books to him and he reads one back to her. I just love this idea. Reading is something Little Miss and I do together every evening before bed, as well.

The details of the giraffe PBandJ sandwich just blow me away! Each food item in the lunch is a fact found in Dedan Saves the Day: Fruit leather tongue which can be 18 inches long, giraffes eat up to 75 lbs a day of leaves (represented by spinach), twigs (carrots sticks and Chex Mix), and buds (kiwi), baby giraffes drink their mother's milk (yogurt).

An excellent example of a love/ hearts bento is the one shown here that she made Boogs for the First Day of Kindergarten! Before school, they read the book "The Kissing Hand" which is about a little scared raccoon going to school for the first time and how his mom gave him a kiss to think of her throughout the day. So she made Boogs a "Kissing Hand" lunch - Love it! The vibrant red apple that she cut a heart out of and then filled with the green apple heart, the mini heart sandwich and babybel cheese with a heart cut out of the wax too. You know Little Miss and I love our spinach, so the little salad is a winner in my book too. ;)

Another lunch I love is the one she made for "The Going to Bed Book" shown here. His lunch is a rising Babybel moon with marshmallow and pretzel barbell, strawberry stars, salad with cucumber boat, and cheese sleeping on a sandwich bed. How cute is that?!
You can check out Keitha's blog Keitha's Chaos to follow her weekly round up of their story book lunches. An excellent way to incorporate reading, education, and healthy eating at the same time. :)


  1. These are too bloody cute! I can't wait to get my lunchbox combo which was posted last week to start my adventure too! I really enjoy your blog Keeley!

  2. Awww...Thanks Keeley for including me among the bento bloggers you have been featuring this week. You were one of the first bento bloggers I stumbled across this past Fall. You have inspired me with your beautiful lunches! :-)

  3. I love Keitha's Storybook Lunches! Two of my favourites are here: http://keithaschaos.blogspot.com/2011/12/lunches-november-28-december-2nd.html

    If You Take A Mouse To The Movies, which is one of Sprout's favourites (she loves all Laura Numeroff's books), and Big Words For Little People, love the puzzle lunch, and introduced me to that
    book which I am giving Pickle for his birthday :)


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