Friday, February 3, 2012

Lunch Made Easy: By BentoLunch.Net

As I mentioned on my post Thursday evening, I've setup a series of autoposts to run while Mama and Little Miss are on vacation. :)
In this series, I'll be featuring some of my favorite bento blogger peeps - trying to focus on valentines/hearts/love posts, to help give y'all some inspiration with the holiday coming up!

Next up: The fabulous Shannon from - most commonly associated as "What's for Lunch at Our House?" Shannon makes delicously amazing bentos for her kiddos, Ben and Faith. They recently moved from TX to Fort Carson, CO.

Bento Lunch

One of the things I love most about Shannon's bento site are "What's for Lunch Wednesdays". Every Wednesday she hosts a link-up for bento makers to show off their goods. ;) A GREAT place to share lunches and get inspired! This was one of the first linkys I ever participated in, and how I found the sites of many of my fellow bloggy buddies!

Shannon offers great recipes with her bentos, like these mini biscuit calzones. YUM!! These two mini calzones are stuffed with mozzarella and turkey pepperonis, along with a side of marinara to dip them in (hiding in the yellow container). There's also carrot sticks, some red plum slices and kiwi, and a few apple-cinnamon crisps as a treat. (Note to self: Make these mini calzones! Looking at them again makes me hungry for them in my own lunch.)

This Valentine bento she made for her son is adorable. Ben has a BBQ pork stuffed muffin, topped with some cute cheese hearts, carrots and pretzels to the left, and grapes and heart shaped cantaloupe on the right.  Shannon loves cantaloupe for cutting fruit shapes, it slices really well with a metal cookie cutter, and you can just tuck the less cute parts at the bottom of the container.

Here's a Valentine bento she made for her daughter, Faith. A simple heart shaped turkey and cheese sandwich that turned into a piece of art, topped with white and orange cheddar hearts.  There's also heart shaped cucumber pieces (in a heart shaped silicone cup) and some strawberries with cute handle picks dropped in another silicone cup.  Little Miss would love those panda cookies! She loves anything panda.

Bento Lunch

You can check out Shannon's blog at OR follow her on Facebook for more fabulous lunches and recipes!


  1. Your blog has inspired me to share my creative side in my sons lunch box. I ordered the set of four lunch box containers plus a lunch bag each for both of my sweet babes. I got an email to let me know that they were sent yesterday!! So exciting and it is all thanks to you :D


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