Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lunch Made Easy: Miss & Mama Bentos

Here are Monday's bentos for Little Miss and for Mama :)

Mine is up first, pictured on the left -

In the upper left I have two slices of oven roasted deli turkey rolled up. Top right is a red seedless grap & strawberry fruit medley.
The main compartment features a cold spinach pasta salad I threw together. I had leftover pasta noodles from dinner, so I added some fresh spinach leaves, freshly grated carrot, and zesty FF italian dressing. I then used my italian herb grinder to add a bit more flavor and sprinkled with parmesean cheese. Yum! I had to stop myself when I tried it thereafter - I love cold pasta salads!

Little Miss has fresh pear dices in a silicon cup in the upper left compartment. Top right features a homemade banana muffin we baked this weekend - one of her faves. :)
Her main compartment in a fresh spinach salad with freshly grated carrot. On top is colby-jack cheese cutouts X and O, plus two hearts I cutout with my FunBites Luv It!

Both of our lunches are packed in EasyLunchBoxes containers.

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Let me know your thoughts!

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