Monday, December 19, 2011

Lunch Made Easy: Five Golden Rings!

I was on the road all day for work today. When I got home this evening I was spending some time with Little Miss and she reminded me ;) there were only 5 more days left until Christmas tomorrow (Tuesday)!
I asked her if she had any ideas for her lunch... she pondered "five, hmm... hmm..." and then screamed "GOLDEN RINGS!" I should've known!
We sing the 12 days of Christmas song together - well I sing it for her until we get to 5, that's her cue. She'll then belt out her one line "five golden rings!" and then giggles as I continue singing. :)
I couldn't have thought of a more perfectly perfect lunch to incorporate the number five for our *Advent Lunches* countdown.

Lunch is a crustless turkey & cheese sandwich, topped with five golden (cheese) rings.

They are provalone rings, colored "golden" using my yellow Betty Crocker Easy Writer food pen. There's also a piece of provalone with the number five written in green.

Below the sandwich are five grape tomatoes. Above the sandwich are five cucumber half slices.

Top right are five strawberry halves with five blueberries, and a reindeer pick for festive cuteness.
Bottom right is a strawberry & cream cheese cupcake with holly leaf sprinkles on top.

Lunch is packed inside an EasyLunchBox.

Note: Melissa of Another Lunch did a "12 Days of Christmas" theme last year, and I by no means want to take away anything from her amazing lunches - you can see her "Five Golden Rings" *HERE*. I am not doing the 12 Days of Christmas, obviously, but thought it'd just be a fun way to incorporate the number 5 into our Advent Lunches since Little Miss so thoughtfully & eagerly suggested it! Can't deny an enthusiastic six year old  - what kinda mother would I be? lol


  1. Love the golden rings! I know my girls would be wearing them and not eating them :) hehe

  2. Your creativity never seems to run dry Keeley! I just added this adorable lunch to my Yummy Lunch Gallery here: LOVE it!!

  3. Thank you all!

    Corey - I had to laugh, this evening when I asked how she liked her golden rings, she told me she wore them while she ate lunch! haha :)

    Kelly - THANK YOU for adding it to the gallery!! Your support is so amazing!! Thank you!


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