Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lunch Made Easy: Every Day is a Gift

*Yawn* Pardon me - we were at the Lions v Viking games today and I am tiiiiiirrrrrred. We got home no too long ago. Carried Little Miss straight to bed (her grandma had her already in her pj's for me - THANK YOU!), grabbed a quick snack (since the last thing I ate was a hot dog at the game at 1pm), began making lunches and now I'm posting quickly so I can crawl into my marshmallow of a bed. Mmm... lol

Monday marks 13 days left on our Advent Lunches Countdown to Christmas! 13... can you believe that!? AHH!! December is seriously flying by.

Lunch is a crustless sandwich with a cheese cutout present ontop of it and colored with my Betty Crocker Food Writer pens. I made a gift tag for the present with the number 13 on it, noting our countdown number for Little Miss.

Below the sandwich are some organic baby carrots, beside it sugar snap peas, and above two pocky sticks for dessert.

Top right are some rice cake snacks and bottom are her fave, mandarin oranges, and a couple blackberries mixed in.

All packed inside an EasyLunchBox.


  1. What a sweet little present:) Glad you had fun at the game!

  2. Omgoodness, we were here tonight also! I'm sure that we weren't rooting for the same team, but we were still there! :)

  3. I find your countdown lunches both amazingly cute and horrifying :P because they keep telling me how little time I have left to clean the house lol. This present is so adorable!!

  4. Thank you all!

    Haha Jenn- it reminds me how many more gifts I still need to buy. Ahh! lol

  5. The hubby would have loved the game.::.this looks yummy!


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