Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lunch Made Easy: Little Miss Love

A sappy love bento for my Little Miss!
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Without getting too much into detail of my personal life, I owe everything to my little girl.
I'm not sure how many parents can honestly say their child saved their life - Mine did.

Thursday's lunch is a sandwich "X" & "O". There are cheese cutouts ontop colored with my BC food writer red pen. I didn't have the cheese circles on there at first, but when I was toying with the idea Little Miss said she wanted them, so naturally I obliged. :)

Beside the sandwich are some mandarin oranges, matchstick carrots, and cantaloupe dices.
Below it is also a babybel cheese. I cut a circular shape out of the wax to expose the cheese and colored a heart on it with my food writer pen.

In the smaller compartments, there's mixed berry yogurt with a red cherry in the center for added fun and also a heart shaped hard boiled egg, done in her heart egg mold.

Packed inside an EasyLunchBox.


Let me know your thoughts!

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