Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lunch Made Easy: Dora Spaghetti-O's & Another Mama Bento

So lunch today is pretty basic and was done on the fly - It all started with Dora Spaghetti-O's...

(Sorry for the poor picture, it was really dark and the lighting was too dim)

Lunch is Dora Spaghetti-O's, as mentioned above, in a thermos container.

There's a Sunbutter & Honey crustless sandwich with a sad attempt at a Dora face made from cheese ontop of it, lol... I hate to even call her Dora. She was done on the fly with what was handy. :)
Around the sandwich are some baby carrots and raisins. Above are two picks with a mozz cheese stick cut up and mini-pepperonis, alternating on each one.


Mama's bento is in an ELB and pictured here. I have some baby carrots and a small container of Heluva Good fiesta salsa dip (that stuff is sooooooooo good). There are a few thin slices of deli oven roasted turkey, a mozz low-fat cheese stick, and a hard boiled egg.
Top right are some sweet pickles (Hello, my name is Keeley, and I am addicted to pickles. I can eat a whole jar in one setting - sweet, dill, it doesn't matter.) Bottom right is low-fat small curd cottage cheese. 

Mine are so boring compared to the ones for Little Miss! lol

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