Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Snackable: "Mama I'm Hungry"

Little Miss is off of school the rest of this week and so that means no lunches for Mama to make. (Kind of nice getting a break for a couple days, not gonna lie...) She will make the hour+ long commute with me each way instead for the next two days to my main office at work. Her sitter is close to my office.

On the drive home, she will inevitably tell me every five minutes "Mama I'm Hungry", "Mama I'm Hungry", "Mama I'm Huuuuungry" (lol) so I started packing her snacks to eat in the car. Here is her snack for today:

Keebler Cheese & Cracker Sandwiches. I cut flower shaped bologna slices and stuck them in between the crackers so she can eat them together (kind of like a "build your own lunchable").
There are a few apple slices a couple halloween ghost shaped marshmallows.
Fruitables juice box to drink.

FYI Friends! I am also taking a mini-vacay and will be MIA Saturday-Tuesday, so look for my next "Lunch Made Easy" post on Wednesday of next week.

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