Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lunch Made Easy: Apple Days

Little Miss has "Apple Days" at school today, so what better way to enjoy lunch than with an Apple theme to coincide with what's going on in class:

Ontop of her crustless sandwich, I have an "A" and an Apple made out of food colored provalone cheese.
There are some apple slices stuck around it.
There are two rice krispy treat red apples I made (more on this described below). The treat on the left has a babybel cheese tucked under it and the treat on the right has some grapes and two cucumber slices underneath.
There is a cup of strawberry Mott's Medley Applesauce and two additional cucumber slices.

Rice Krispy Treat Red Apples -
Super simple. While melting/mixing the butter and marshmallows, I added some red food coloring.
After they were done, I formed these two by hand into rounded apple shapes. I made the stems with pieces of softened tootsie rolls and stuck them all together to cool. :)

They actually turned out a nice Red but the pix make them look a little orangey. :-/
Which gives me inspiration for Halloween coming up... ;) lol

She particularly loved the Apple Rice Krispy Treats this morning when she saw them! Yum.


  1. Checking the theme in class is a smart idea...especially when you are at a loss for inspiration! I've got a unique one tomorrow.

  2. I just think it's a great way to incorporate their school work or projects into their lunch :) It made her extra excited about "Apple Days".


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