Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lunch Made Easy: Tasty Tuesday

It was a pretty wonderful feeling waking up this morning and remembering it was already Tuesday!! Love long weekends. :)
Today is Little Miss's first day riding the bus. She's rode in the past but this is a new experience because this is her first year at a new private school. The public school bus system picks her up then hubs kids to a local catholic school and there they catch another bus to her school. *nervous* I know she'll get the hang of it but imagining my 1st grader catching two buses every morning and afternoon... it's not just put her on and then she goes straight to her building. I'm going to try super hard not to cry about this, lol...

Today's lunch is a mini bagel turkey & cheese sandwich, two baby carrots, a small amt of potato chips, a hard boiled egg done in her bunny egg mold, some chiquita apple bites, a splitz yogurt, and a fruitable juice box.

The apples fit snuggly on top so I could put everything (but the yogurt & juice box) into one small container.


  1. OK...I have 6 egg molds and I have the HARDEST time getting them to turn out right. Large eggs just don't seem to fill the space of the mold...jumbo eggs are nearly too big. Your bunny looks so cute!

  2. I use large eggs. I also make sure to put them in the molds when they are still warm and then I put them right into the fridge (still in the molds). Hope this helps! :)


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