Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lunch Made Easy: Picture Day!

It's Picture Day for Little Miss at school today! :)

I made her a turkey sandwich shaped like a camera. I used cheese for the flash and stacked a slice of turkey and provalone cut into circle shapes for the lens.
There are some star shaped cheese crackers below it and two on top.
Red grapes around it and apple slices above it, with two baby carrots also tucked in.
On provalone I wrote "smile!" with my food color pens and drew a smiley face.

On the right is a homemade fat n' fluffy snickerdoodle cookie (under are a few fruit snacks thrown in).
A Mott's Medley's applesauce.
And a Fruitables Juice Box.


  1. Seriously, Kelley? This is the cutest idea for picture day! Once John's rolls around I think I'll have to borrow it :)

  2. (And yes, I know autocorrect screwed up your name ... couldn't go back and fix it until it was too late!)

  3. Love it! Wish I would have seen this sooner. Bear's picture day is today!

  4. @Karen - Thank you! :) Can't wait to see John's! And no worries on the name - I've been use to it my whole life being mispelled so it just rolls by me... lol ;)

    @Moody Mom - Thank you! Hope Bear's pictures turn out wonderful! We did practice smiles in the mirror this morning, hehe.

  5. The camera is so so cute! Perfect lunch for picture day :D

  6. PERFECT addition to this week's Bento of the Week meme!


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