Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lunch Made Easy: First Full Day of School

Today is Little Miss's first full day of school, meaning first lunch of first grade :) that's a lot of firsts! lol
Her teacher is just wonderful! She has been so great in communicating with me about her peanut allergy and in helping to make her classroom peanut free.  *Fingers crossed* the other parents are receptive and understanding.

Today's lunch is:
A Butterfly Cutout Sandwich with Food Color Pens used to Decorate
A Pick of Blueberries in the center of the Butterfly (for the "body")
Some Cauliflower Florets with a
Flower Cutout Cheese on a Stem Pick on top
Some Chips tucked beside
a Bunny Boiled Egg done in one of her Egg Molds
Mott's Veg. Medley Sauce - Peach Apple Flavor
Not Pictured - Grape Juice Box


Let me know your thoughts!

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